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Our Mission

KHOURY Arquitetura emerges as a reflection of the values and trajectory of its founders, architects with experience in renowned offices in Brazil and Europe. With a history marked by notable awards, including the prestigious Holcim Foundation prize and recognition in Forbes' Under 30 list, the company carries a commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Our mission is to address crucial challenges in the construction industry. In a context where the construction sector is responsible for over one-third of global CO2 emissions and a substantial share of waste generation, KHOURY strives to develop strategies for low environmental impact architecture. This translates into a focus on minimizing energy and natural resource consumption, as well as making appropriate choices regarding materials and construction methods.

Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves to creating environments that promote the well-being and health of occupants. By valuing the use of natural materials, we reduce the presence of substances harmful to health in our spaces. We prioritize contact with nature, integrating a greater presence of vegetation for air purification and environmental balance. Our projects are also designed to optimize the use of natural light and ventilation, providing spaces that promote comfort and vitality.

Finally, we are committed to creating architecture of high quality, functionality, and beauty. Our approach is guided by eco-minimalism, allowing each project to seamlessly integrate into the local landscape. We value the sophistication of simplicity, aligning aesthetics and functionality with meticulous care.

At KHOURY Arquitetura, we believe it is possible to unite technical excellence, environmental responsibility, and human well-being in every project we conceive.


In our work, we strive to promote innovation, sustainability and human well-being.

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